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wake up, PAAC hibernauts!

this could be an incredibly useful resource - if anyone was here! i suppose if there are readers out there who i dont know, i should introduce myself to avoid insulting someone. i am sky, & my most prevalent hat at PAAC is that of a lighting designer, particularly in the absence of our dear compatriot "jhusan." my current project is designing "Resevoir Dogs", & i will be assisted by my design partner, Kelly Stephenson [S&M Design]. i was only thinking how easy it would be to communicate with everyone involved in RD through this community; this is one of the few times i am saddened to be the only one with an idea.

anywho, ill keep my ear to the rail, in case of any silent observers i may have stirred. regardless of how active we end up here, i will plan on seeing you en masse at the Vista.

catch ya later on down the trail, dude...
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