Emily Straw (emmygurl87) wrote in paac,
Emily Straw

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I Plead The Fifth

Yay... Hehe, we are paacrats. :-) I'm excited for rehearsal. Goodness gracious, that's all I ever do anymore. I spend my days being excited for rehearsal. I shall be lost once this show is over =-O See y'all tonight.
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I know what you mean! Being at rehearsal is the most enjoyable time of my day as of late! I'm gonna miss you guys. *sniff*
After the show you can have a week off, then it's time for Cabaret! I hope to see everyone there!

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Same with me. School, drama, high school bowl, student council, voice and piano lessons, hopefully dance classes/lessons... I gotta talk to Deborah about that. Erm. Yeah. I hope all of us get united once again in another PAAC show, though. Without my pepper shaker, though. ::sniffle::